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May 10, 2012

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Jayne Mansfield

March 1, 2012

A   Hollywood actress who tragically died to soon in an automobile accident in 1967. She was the mother of 5 children who in turn as their mother had done went into acting.,_Jayne/

Von Saltza Painting.

February 2, 2012

An interesting painting of the Captains Cabin of the U.S. Frigate Essex of 1799 was done by the early 20th century artist Von Saltza. His works were primarilly of maritime scenes and life in New England. He did paint a number of maritime paintings of ships and the life along the new coasts. This Painting was acquired while the artist was still alive and in his 90’s. This particular work hung in the lobby of the Hotel Hawthorne in Salem Massachusetts for years and was then auctioned when the hotel was in danger of demolition. It was saved as a historical landmark and still stands however this painting is now privately owned and isn’t hanging there anymore. It has been offered as possibly available to any serious collectors of art. It is a fairly large painting that is framed. This is the painting.