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Who’s out there listening and reading it would be nice to get a comment more often than once a century. I like reading your blogs and seeing what’s going on in the world.  Recipes opinions how to do things etc. Well talk to me let me know what you think about peach ketchup or apple onion chutney because I’ve tried them and have recipes for them. Talk to me about history. A nation that doesn’t study and learn from history is doomed to repeat and make the same mistakes and failures of history. We have some of the most miserable corrupt leaders in history are you blindly following them off the cliff to your own and your future generations destruction. The world is what we make it our future and history we make it positive or negative good or evil. What are your wants and needs as far as foods,clothes etc. Has anyone besides me or a few had the epiphany to build many  desalinization plants and pipelines and aquifers into the interior of our country to alleviate drought conditions. We have the fuel resources to become energy independent if we are willing to overcome the fools who continue to sabotage their development on facecious phony environmental concerns.We can build employment and support those entreprenuers operating small and home businesses by supporting them and doing business with them. Small cottage businesses may be the way to go for the future in many instances. We don’t have to starve we can be self sufficient we don’t need some bureaucrat looking over our shoulder and breathing down our neck dictating how we should live our lives or make our living. There is room for both the corporation and small entreprenuer to succeed in America in fact they should compliment each other it allows for decentralization and mutual benefit to both. I invite you to come and visit and communicate and build many great friendships and relationships the New America built can be greater than the old or worse. God and Country America Forever !!!


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