Don’t Boycott a good place to satisfy amoralist anarchists

Signs of Life

Update 8/1: An adapted version of this article has been posted at Out of Ur.

During a summer break while in college I interned at a Southern Baptist church in the suburbs of Washington DC.  This remains my closest association with the Southern Baptists (aside form a recent article critical – constructively, I hope – of one of their leaders) and it’s one I remember happily.  This despite the distinct culture within that denomination that reminded me that I was this church’s visitor.  This crystallized as I learned of the congregation’s discussion about whether or not to participate in their denomination’s boycott of the Walt Disney Company.  My denominationaly unaffiliated self had been unaware of the possibility of a boycott and the reasons behind it.

That 15 year old memory surfaced the other day while reading about another boycott.  This one requires the participants to abstain from Chick-fil-A…

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