Obamas Lies His Hypocrisy


The man has lied his way into the oval office. He is the Greatest Prevaricator and evil orator since Adolf Hitler.  His real agenda and psyche so closely parrallels the one of his infamous historical predecessor it’s deja vu. He’s surrounded himself with a cast of characters that rivals that of Der Fuehrer. He pretends to be for the people and a benevolent leader when in reality this is false his ego and megalomanical personality are as revealed by his words deeds and writings as were those in Mein Kampf of Hitler. The world had the fuehrers blueprint and didn’t realize it. It was the real man and his real intent. It took a devastating war to correct it where 8.8 million Poles 8.3 million Germans and over 20 million Russians and 6 million Jews and at least another 10 million assorted people died. We have a man that 92% of the blacks in America are blindly following and voting for only because he’s black,they’te not being objective or rationalizing and really examining where he’s really taking them and the country. They’re listening to his fallacious rap and drinking the Koolaid and blindly following without any actual objectivity whatsoever. They attack and propell tirades of insults and threats against those blacks who are objective and rational and successful and call them all manner of disparaging remarks and names. They prefer to follow the pariah the king of prevarication over those who tell the truth. This is a compendium of Obamas falsitudes and “Big Lies” .  The very most important election in this countrys history ever is coming Nov.6th and this prevaricator is trying to cast type it and change the venue and pretentiously turn it into an election full of societal falsitudes and issues and rascism to divert attention from the real issues the economy,out of control overspending,governmental infringement on the rights of the people,uncontrolled over taxation,disasterous foreign policy,surrepticious subversion of our national sovereignty. Failure to abide by the constitution,failure to enforce the laws.  He’s absolutely totally using propaganda,disinformation,misinformation,distortions,half truths,the “Big Lies” to cloud the real issues and throw up smokescreens to camouflage his Presidencys dismal failure. Over 6.5 trillion dollars in new national debt a fete not accomplished by the first 43 Presidents between 1789 to 2012 and he’s done it in 1 term. This is the compendium so far.   http://obamalies.net/ 


These are the top 10 worst Presidents to this point before this man totally discombobulated and absolutely mismanaged this country. http://listverse.com/2007/11/06/top-10-worst-us-presidents/


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