A Golden Opportunity !!!


The people of California have a golden opportunity to make positive changes for themselves their state and their country laid at their feet. The declaration of bankruptcy by San Bernardino,Mammoth Lakes,and Stockton shows with absolute clarity what is coming if they continue down the primrose path; for them and California and the nation. This is a product of the total radical liberal lunacy.  This should serve notice to you that business as usual isn’t working. You have an opportunity to replace leaders who are ripping you off and bald faced lying in your face.  Corrupt leaders self serving leaders.  How’s it working out for you having the highest gas prices in the nation and the most ridiculous environmental rules in the nation ??  How’s it working out for you the loss of 100,000 + jobs directly and indirectly when the bureaucrats shutdown the water to the San Juachim Valley that used to produce 20% of the national produce;that people like Barbara Boxer,Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman and their democrapic cohorts created and exasperated,has it crossed any of your minds that there might be an ulterior motive like an artificially created food shortage agenda just like the ones Josef Stalin created in the 1930’s where millions starved to death,it was all part of a means to an end political control. The people of Obamas party have told you “Big Lie” after “Big Lie” they take for granted the vote Nov.6th is in their pocket it’s in the bag that you’re just like always before gonna waltz to the polls and cache blanc vote them and their bad policies,that are starting to manifest themselves and take your state and the nation over the cliff to irremediable economic disaster;that you’re gonna blindly vote them back into office. You see what’s happening to you that their solutions and ideas aren’t working so why continue following these people out of blind loyalty when they’re destroying everything you have. California You  can”Shock Them” Nov.6th by electing new congressmen and firing people like Nancy Pelosi,Henry Waxman and the others of their party that are selling you a bill of goods a woof ticket to oblivion. You can Elect a new President Mitt Romney and “Fire Barack Obama” a dishonest pathological prevaricator who lives and governs by the “Big Lie”  The future you save will be your own.The nation you save will be your own. California you have a “Golden Opportunity” to make a positive difference don’t be deceived by the rhetoric propaganda and total distortions of people who are diametrically in total opposition of everything American that has built and maintained America. Nov.6th You can vote for Romney or You can vote for Obama.  One man will return us to what made us great and maintain liberty and freedom and constitutionality and the other to a convoluted global conglomerate trying to camouflage and resurrect failed policies and a repressive state that’s in every aspect of your lives. Hi so what’s it gonna be California more of the same which is destroying your state and our country or shaking up the scenario and changing direction with a new President Mitt Romney ???  It’s your opportunity to effect positive change you can seize it or lose it. God and Country America Forever !!!


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