The Psyche of the Greatest Prevaricator Ever in the Oval Office

America we are and have been being fed a a bill of goods by the greatest pathological liar ever to occupy the highest office in our land. This man has literally lied his way to the top and is lying our nation into non existence. He is every bit as bad as the most well known dictator in history Hitler,the paths of these two men so parallel each other it’s virtually the same road map.  This article I read explains pretty much how this man can and does lie everyday with absolute aplomb. The article pretty well nails the reasons why this man is a narcasistic sociopath cut from the same block of wood as men like Hitler and Stalin.

This is the America coming if America  Snoozes Nov.6th

America if You Snooze Nov.6th You Lose Everything Your Country Liberty and Freedom !!!  That succinctly sums up what is staring us in the face.


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