Heads Up California !!!

In less than 2 weeks (12 Days) 3 of your cities have declared bankruptcy. They are Mammoth Lakes,Stockton,and San Bernardino. You are going over the cliff and it’s only going to get worse. If you think political dogma and policies don’t effect you personally “Think Again” If you think who leads you doesn’t effect you personally “Think Again”   Nov.6th the Democraps are taking the voters of California for granted “You’re in the bag” no worries for them. They can count you in their victory column on Nov.6th You’re gonna vote for Obama + them and they can continue ruining policies that are destroying your jobs and your economy and Americas. “You’re in the Bag” a certainty !!!  But this is Your very moment to Shine California and Deliver the Unthinkable for them. Save your jobs save your future save your childrens future from a socialist dictatorship. Do the outrageous the unthinkable shake the boat rattle their cage those who take you for granted.  If You want real change positive change and real hope for a better tommorow Nov.6th Elect Mitt Romney and end all the radical liberal lunacy in your state and this country. What you see happening in your state now is but a microcosm of things to come under 4 more years of Obama and the Democraps.  Nov.6th Send them a Message California “Fire Obama and the Democraps” leading You and America off the cliff to total irremediable destruction the loss of your freedom and liberty so that these radicals can force you to be part of an Orwellian Global Nirvana that never was never will be under failed radical socialism dripping with the blood of 300 million plus who’ve perished under earlier versions of their utopia myth. Calif.Elect Mitt Romney and elect new Congressmen and save Yourselves and America from being under the boot of totalitarianism !!!  Calif. God and Country America Forever !!!  Nov.6th be part of the “Positive Tsunamai Send Them a Message !!!


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