More Drivel from the Democraps


The Democrapic Party continues to move forward in their arrogant mode they continue to spew their pretentious crap that the majority of the people like Ocrapacare. It’s a “Big Lie” the majority of the people have hated it since when they began forcing it down Americas throat from behind closed doors in the most singularly partisan fashion. Their arrogance and disdain for the will of the people is so obvious. The “Big Lie” that it’s going to reduce healthcare costs and that it’s going to provide quality healthcare is an evil myth that these evil ghouls have propagated. They’ve lied with aplomb about the 550 billion dollars they cut from medicare they hid inside their 2000 page monstrosity to pay for this mess of political goobledegook and hidden taxes and political usurption of individual and business peoples rights. They have created an army of new IRS bureaucrats a new gestapo to enforce it. A look inside their twisted socialist logic they save money by denying medical services and rationing healthcare and shoving granny off the cliff one of their favorite lies about what the Republicans want to do when in reality its what they want to do. Bureaucrats denying healthcare as a means to an end to their glorious new socialist nirvana. Some democrapic congressman on tv last night talking like oh it’s just a rehash about repeal of this dictatorial piece of garbage that forces people to buy a product they don’t want. Trying to spin it like the people really like it and that the majority aren’t thundering at the gates for repeal of this political move to control 1/6 th of our economy. The majority of people hate it and want its immediate repeal. There was no openness with the people about this edict forced on us. We never got to see the specifics of the worst piece of bureaucratic infringement of our constitution by the Democrapic cabal ever. Transparency it was transparent like a ghost we didn’t get to see any of this. The Republicans of the Senate and Congress were systematically excluded and partisonly so from seeing the legislation,forced through by the Democrapic committees behind closed doors. They never even got to read it when it was an 1100 page albatross that was unreadable in 72 hours they never got or the American people never got it. It has since morphed into a 2200 page piece of swill and growing that ultimately is going to cost us trillions of dollars we don’t have.  Yes America this is another intentional move by the bureaucrats to impose their will on you while taking another piece of your freedom of choice and liberty. It’s a lousy law and the people who forced it down your throats know it.  This dictatorial cabal must be removed Nov. 6th and I guarantee that they will use voter fraud,misinformation,disinformation,deceit,twisted half truths,”Big Lies” propaganda and dirty falacious political ads to stay in office. They’ve lied to us for over 3 1/2 years do you expect anything different now. They have no record of anything positive for America. They keep boasting they created over 4 million jobs okay where are they ?  They’ve had failure after failure in their green projects that have cost the American people “You” billions of your dollars. Unemployment is still 8.2 % why if they’ve created over 4 million new jobs. They’re lying they’ve created nothing. They’re just cooking the books and the figures.  Actuality with underemployed add those who’ve given up and been dropped from their official stats it’s more like 20% People are still losing their jobs their homes nothing has been repaired in the economy.  They’ve squandered trillions in fruitless stimuluses green energy projects and pipedreams that have produced nothing no tangible results or any improvement. Coverups of their failures more propaganda and “Big Lies” “Fire Them Nov.6th” it’s time to clean house in Washington D.C. “Send them a Message”  Come on them like a tsunamai in 2012 a collosal political tsunamai and sweep away this fallacious pretentious cabal of prevaricators and grifters living large at our expense.  “Fire Them”  Enoughs Enough !!!  God and Country America Forever !!!  



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