Hey America !!!

Wake up and smell the coffee if you want a country left after next year you better get off your duffs and start acting and remove the cabal threatening the irremediable destruction of the country if they stay in power.  119 Days to “Fire the Radical  Leftist Marxist Fascist Communists” trying to destroy the country.  We Elect Mitt Romney a New Senate minus the evil obstructionists blocking everything now and a Newer more powerful Conservative Congress can you believe a functional government instead of this dysfunctional cabal trying to take us over the cliff to destruction. Don’t believe the phony present administrations misinformation,disinformation,twisted half truths,deceit,bad total propaganda,”Big Lies”,falacious dirty political ads. They’re all trying to totally  deceive you divide you so they can keep their sorry cabal in power. We are dealing with domestic enemies within and foreign enemies outside with an agenda a plan.  Their plan isn’t for the continuance of our constitutional republic liberty freedom and the rule of law established by our founding fathers.  The young many of them don’t even know who our founding fathers were.  The erosion and attack upon our educational system by the radical left marxist revisionists hiding under the banner of progressivism is a deception it’s in reality regressivism because these radicals want to resurrect the already failed socialist dogmas of the past responsible for the deaths of at least 300 million people under a new facade to subjegate by subtle surreptition what they couldn’t accomplish through overt force. God and Country America Forever !!!


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