Can You Believe This ???



They ask people at the beach and on the streets who we got our independence from and  many of them don’t even know it was Britain. Many don’t even know their own leaders. It is a condemnation of our educational system that’s twisting history teaching garbage like birth control to elementary kids or worse justifying abhorrant behavior as normalacy. We spend more than any other country yet society still hasn’t woken up to the fact our educational system is failing because the family and social environments our kids grow up in aren’t conducive to producing a positive result and they wring their hands and think throwing more money into the educational system is the solution it isn’t. The answer is stopping the deterioration of our society into an amoral and immoral anarchaic society where anything goes it doesn’t.  We want a better educated society then we need to correct our societal problems and we can begin by cleaning our dirty house in Washington D.C Nov.6th.  We elect a New President Senate and Congress that’s functional and not log jammed by obstructionists.  We know who they are and we need to get rid of them now. We remove leaders who refuse to abide by the constitution,laws and refuse to enforce the laws and have chosen to force their vision and their agenda down our throats by edict and executive orders and despotic rule.  The Cure is the removal of the political cancer and replacing them. They lie every 10 seconds to us and they’re constantly changing the rules to support and fully enable their  twisted agendas. These prevaricators think we haven’t caught onto their game and what they’re up to.  Evil Ceaucesceau thought he was slick and really omnipotent too till his people got fed up with his crap and overthrew him. They had to draw lots for the firing squads for him and his wicked wife there were so many Romanian army volunteers for them.  The Cure begins at the top New Leaders and then we start correcting the problems 50 years of ignorant people have brought upon us.  We stop the societal decay we improve the tax system and finally begin to put people back to work with realistic well thought commonsense solutions.  The baloney of 51% of the people supporting the other half that don’t pay taxes because they think they’re entitled ends. There aint no free lunch !!!  The baloney of this nation not achieving national energy independence because phony environmentalists sabotage the development of our vast resources and mineral resources ends.  Here’s one to ponder the way they shutdown the water to the San Juachim valley that used to produce 20% of our national produce it has been turned into desert by the likes of Barbara Boxer,Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman because of a 2 inch smelt. 100,000 people out of work. Gee anyone remember from history those artificial food shortages created by a guy named Josef Stalin that caused millions to starve to death.  Duh Gee no one would ever do that. Yeah Right !!!   The Hydra of socialism is back trying to rear it’s ugly head again sporting a new facade.


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