Progressive the Real Meaning


Marxist camouflaging as something positive.

The enemy is within and there are slitherous snakes crawling about in America there is a subversive 5th column of enemy combatants within America. Overt attacks on Christians and deflecting from the true nature of radicals hiding behind guises of religion. Lunatic radicals in the highest levels of government with plans for radical changes and usurptions of Liberty and freedom in this country and a forced servitude to a classless society as a cog in a new marxist global world conglomerate. The handwritings on the wall we stand our ground America and remove from office those radicals actively seeking to destroy our constitution,laws,government,free agency and choice.  Nov.6th “Fire Them” Don’t believe their “Big Lies”,distortions,misinformation,disinformation and the  propaganda that the left radical media is going to spread;bunches of  half truths,innuendoes,dispersions.  Excuses for not enforcing the United States laws,constitution,sealing the borders. False claims of rascism,appeasement and apology to our enemies. Continued abuses of power and circumvention of the congress and senate,continued obstruction and dysfunctionality in our government until those responsible for the dysfunction are removed from office Nov.6th.  We crack down on these crazed marxist radicals disguising themselves as occupy,hiding themselves within unions media government. We clean house Nov.6th and take out the political garbage. The enablers the pretenders.  We turn back to what made us great. God and Country America Forever !!!


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