Marxism and the March to Dictatorship and the Propaganda Campaign to Hide it.

America an insideous surrepticious cancer is spreading it’s ugliness in America. It infects the highest levels of government it’s hidden and camouflaged and sugar coated to prevent it’s discovery. It’s masqueraded under titles like Ucubed or Occupy Wall Street. It’s pretentious creating the problem and then promoting it’s agenda through fallacious solutions to further it’s ends and goals. It’s infiltrated the media,the educational system,business,the unions,law enforcement,and the financial world. It’s Marxism the dragon of ruination and suffering is once again rearing it’s ugly head. Everyone thought it was dead as they thought communism was dead it has only morphed into a new configuration like a kaleidoscope. The highest ranking former intelligence officer of the former communist evil empire is warning us and telling us what we already see. Nov.6th is the most important election and day in American history since the “Shot heard around the world” this is what he had to say in an interview.  Believe me the current crop in Washington doesn’t have Americas best interests at heart. The Interview:


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