America You’ve Just been Dumped Upon

How does it feel to know you have just had your constitution your laws your liberty just stomped into the mud steamrollered by an unconstitutional law that your very will has been defied.  You have been spat upon your liberty and freedom have been badly beaten about the head and shoulders with a 40 oz Louisville slugger. Your will your voice have been buryed under an avalanche of their political fecal matter. You have been defecated upon they have moved our country another step closer to dictatorship by this rotten evil dictatorial prevaricatory administration.  We have been moved closer to an irremediable total destruction an economic and militarial destruction. Suppression of your rights by 9 people the death of America as we’ve known it by these enablers of tyranny that is coming. The prison camps the concentration camps the unjust summary courts the mass executions are coming to America like they did to Germany,Russia,and China if Tyranny is allowed to grow in America. We must stand and show our wrath and unconsoleable anger with all those traitors who are determined to destroy our uniqueness,our sovereignty,freedom,liberty all that is America; so that we can become a cog in their international Orwellian nirvana their facsimile of neated brain trimmed clones and mindless blank neutral automatons blindly following their march to oblivion. Nov.6th we must rise as a tsunamai and sweep these traitors from power. America arise in your fierce anger and send them a message an unmistakeable message we will not tolerate this. America it may be necessary for our very own Ceaucesceau moment if all else produces no results. We rise in absolute defiance of those who would destroy 237 years of freedom and liberty. This is a country unlike any other on earth with a constitution unlike any other on earth that the evil wraithes want to destroy. We are the bastion of freedom and liberty on earth that is all that stands between global tyranny and the suffocation of the human spirit.  Evil doesn’t wish us well. There are those who will try to rationalize this travesty of a decision by the so called supreme court. We take our country back from them in a hostile takeover by the people on Nov.6th and force these ghouls from power. America the fate of our country is in our hands Nov.6th we must cut the political cancer out of our country forever. Some of us were fooled in 2008 by dazzling words and hype of this pariahic wraithe “Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me ” This travesty is an example of what’s coming.  We go through them like Alexander the Greats Phalanxes at Gaugemela we crush them at the polls and “Force Repeal of Ocrapacare” We end this dysfunctional government and replace it with a functional one. This tyrant and his cabal must go !!!  We see and know of a surety what this corrupt cabal is up to the”Big Lies” and the true agenda of them is clear  handwriting is on the wall folks there’s no mystery here.

This decision is as flawed and screwed up as the OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony murder trial decisions were. But it was no real surprise because the legal system is screwed up and infiltrated with corruption and those who enable decisions like this turd just dumped on America. Unless we remove those responsible for travestys such as this violation of the constitution America is going to spiral into oblivion. 131 Days and counting to Nov.6th either we choose to resurge America or go over the cliff.  What’s coming either a return to greatness or the return engagement of Mein Kampf and it’s deja vu and suffering.  Either We America focus like a laser and the majority stands united and doesn’t fall for the absolutely divisive propaganda disinformation misinformation and “Big Lies” of this prevaricatory Manchurian Candidate or kiss your freedom liberty and unique country goodbye forever under the boot of absolute tyranny and repression period. Our very fate is in our hands on Nov.6th God and Country America Forever !!!



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