The Face of Infinite Arrogance

This is the man who thumbs his nose at the supreme court who just made a decision that upheld Arizonas right for police to check the immigration status of people in Arizona.  The Dictator through Heinricha “Himmler” Napolitano has changed the rules again because they didn’t like the court decision. Rescinding Arizonas right to enforce federal law. If this isn’t the actions of a dictator and dictatorship what the hell is it:it damn sure isn’t democracy in action. We need to “Fire” this arrogant sycophant who thinks he can do anything he wants because he thinks he is the law above the constitution and all other laws. Barack Obama and his corrupt cabal have gotta go !!! This arrogant rotten snot nosed tyrant is a friggin dictator and only the terminally stupid can’t see it !!!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Nov.6th “Fire Obama and the Democraps”    Elect Mitt Romney a new Senate not controlled by the obstructionist Democraps and “Fire” more people like Pelosi and Wassermann/Schultz in the Congress.  Get rid of the deadwood and let’s put a functional federal government in place and replace this screwed up dysfunctional cabal of Obamas.


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