What You Gonna Do ???

134 Days and counting till Nov.6th   The nexus of history is here will we resurge or will we collapse into irremediable decline.  Will we choose truth and a positive course or will we choose “Big Lies” and a negative course. We’ve seen 3 1/2 years of rhetoric with no tangible improvement. Economic anorexia Political dogma without positive results.  Failed stimuluses more governmental impingement in business and into our personal lives.  Legislation we didn’t want forced down our throats by bureaucratic churls and sycophants. We can change it with the pull of a lever Nov.6th.  More of the same and the continuance of absolute arrogance or new leaders and a positive change and a turn from the cliff that the evil radical socialists want us to go over.  There are boulders at the bottom of that cliff do you want America to splatter on the boulders ???  Choices Good or Bad Positive or Negative.  The Fate of Your Country is in your hands on Nov. 6th.

America What You Gonna Do ???


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