Check and take a peek

Will we have changed will we be more positive will we even exist as a national entitity will the world be as it is or will it be better or worse ? Humanity loves the positive pictures but sits in denial of cold hard negativity that is real. Facts Islam is not a religion of peace or tolerance.  Womens rights aren’t a priority in Islamic society. Women are second class citizens who are beaten and killed in so called honor killings even if they are the victims through no fault of their own. Islam is intolerant of any other precepts but their own. Islam persecutes and murders christians.  Fact socialism doesn’t work 300 million dead and hundreds of millions more who have endured it’s mind numbing suffocation will witness to it. Yet numb chilalis still want to force the failed and the totally unworkable which has failed the test of history down mankinds throat. That which is righteous is disdained that which is abhorrant and abominable is now embraced and presented as normalacy and acceptable. Vast U.S.fuel reserves and mineral reserves aren’t developed because they’re sabotaged by false environmental bureaucracy. Corruption in government is denied and ignored to preserve the status quo.  We’re in denial that unless the economic and political issues in this nation aren’t fixed within the next 3 years our country isn’t going to collapse in an implosion.  We have accepted the invincibility and invulnerabity myth it’s a myth.  We can be great we can do tremendous things but suffocating our nation in the nightmares of the past isn’t going to elevate the America of the future. We are only as good as our people and the choices of the past and indifference aren’t going to bring a greater America. We choose new better leaders and develop the vast untapped resources of our land and continent; is a positive start in the right direction. Blindly following amoral sycophants off a cliff isn’t the right direction.  There are good people good things good foods good choices we make the choices for ourselves or some bureaucrat will make them for you.  The nexus is here the future of yourselves and the nation will be decided Nov.6th. Never has any election been more pivotal. We are in the days prophesied of the time before the second coming and the commencement of the millenium only those who are righteous will be spared.  The scenario for the final war is being set and our America has been neutered and disarmed and will not be in a position of strength when the war comes it will be a come as you are party.  Good news is whether you me or Smedlap like it we are immortal beings in mortal bodies and we will go on to the eternities after this life. The good for better the bad for worse. There are 3 kingdoms of glory possible and for the truly wicked there’s a kingdom of eternal suffering without glory. What we do in this world where we go in the eternities will be determined by the choices we make in this mortal world. We do the best we can in this world we choose wisely and are cognizant of our own personal responsibility and live the best we can and it is a much more positive result than those who choose a different direction and path in this our mortal journey.  Truth is better than fallaciousness and honor better than dishonor. We all of us fought in the war in heaven before we were mortal and we chose the right side,we have physical bodies those cast from heaven were denied physical bodies. The war which began in heaven continues here in this world we kept our first estate will we keep our second estate ? In this world we treat each other right and do the best we can to be worthy to return from whence we came.


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