Let’s Get Some Feedback Here

How many of you out there smell a Pepe Le Pew in the ploy Obama just pulled to cover Holder from releasing the fast and furious records by executive privilege ?

Eric Holder Holder And Issa Meet On Capitol Hill Ahead Of Possible Contempt Vote


Enough is enough this is such an overreach and abuse of office. This isn’t a President this is a Dictator.  His Arrogance and disdain for law and the U.S. constitution are so evident in this latest abuse of power and ploy to cover up what we already have a pretty good composite of, that the White House was privy to and ordered the fast and furious operation as part of a more sinister strategic initative the undermining of the 2nd article of the Bill of rights and the continuing subversion of the constitution via surrepticious covert means. The handwriting is on the wall as to the radical extremes this man will go to,to stay in power and complete the radical socialization of America. Let’s hear some comments and feedback.



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