Romney and Rubio 2012

The President and Vice President of the next administration will have a huge task cleaning up a massive economic and fiscal mess,one that has been exasperated totally by the inaction and ineptitude of the current bungling administration and failure to heed warning signs of an unsustainable deficit debt and spending. We can only hope we will have a functional senate that’s not partisan and obstuctionist as the current one is. The congress is hopefully much more functional also with fewer democraps especially Pelosi. We need to think in 10 and 20 year increments and plan along those parameters to rebuild reenergize and repair decades of  neglect of the things we need to do to keep America great and growing. We need a smart national energy policy and to develop our vast fuel resources as a starter.  Priorities cut our spending develop a national energy policy. Repeal Obamas disasters. Revitalize the military. Develop our 100 year plus world supply of rare earths and facilities to process them.  Simplify taxes with a new 1 volume tax code not the current 69,000 page encyclopedia of 100 690 page volumes. A standardized tax rate. Bury forever this socialism craze !!!  Place tariffs and taxes on goods of countries that engage in unfair trade practices that are exported into this country.

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