Second Coming !!!

It’s coming a day of trepidation fear and trembling for the evil and the wicked of the world, but a day of salvation for the righteous. All those who are evil and are depraved degenerate and practice debauchery those who follow false doctrines and are worldly will be destroyed by fire, all evil and those that are unclean will be destroyed by fire, only the righteous will abide the day. The world will be in the midst of the final war and on the verge of destroying all life when he returns and slays the wicked and evil. The stage of this war is being set at this moment. Only the righteous his people will abide the day.

If you’re doing what the worlds doing and are into the worlds precepts and follow the world you’re gonna die !!!   The enemy the father of all lies the devil wants men to be miserable as he is,he knows his eternal fate and is trying to drag as many men down with him and the 1/3 who followed him in the war in heaven as possible.  We were on the winning side in the premortal existance we have physical bodies, the devil and those with him are spiritual beings without physical bodies.  He and they can never return into the physical presense of God because they don’t have a physical body.  All men will be resurrected the resurrection is the reunification of the physical body and the spirit into an immortal imperishable physical being. What you do in this life and world determines your eternity.  There is the first death physical death the separation of the spirit and body. Spiritual death is the separation of the spirit from God. That is the second death. There are 3 Kingdoms of our heavenly father the Celestial,Terrestrial,and Telestial. There are 3 levels of the celestial. Those who inherit the celestial will dwell in the highest kingdom with God and Christ. Those who inhert the terrestrial will be visited by the lord but will not receive a fulness of the father. Those who inherit the telestial will be visited by the holy ghost but will not receive the father or the lord. The difference is like the sun to the moon and the moon to the stars a different degree of glory. Those who receive no degree of glory will be cast out into outer darkness with the devil and those with him.  1000 years of peace upon his return and he will rule from New Jerusalem in the U.S. The devil will be chained and have no influence over men during that time. At the end of the millenium he will be let go for a short time and then the last resurrection and final judgment. You want the winning side not the losing side that only offers you a temporary temporal thrill at the expense of your eternity.


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