American Jobs

We have vast undeveloped fuel resources of natural gas,domestic oil,offshore oil,shale oil deposits,the Keystone pipeline will put 20,000 to 50,000 to work. The fuel we have can create 1,000,000 jobs that Obama and his radical EPA keep sabotaging over phony environmental BS. We sit on a 100 year world supply of rare earths that are a strategic necessity in modern technology. We can build desalinization plants and build aquifers to interior portions of our country in drought. We have new honeycomb composite materials for building bridges and other construction in our transportation infrastructure. We can build nuclear powerplants and we can develop clean coal technologies to power our country. We can rebuild our railroads. We can rebuild our textile industry. We can rebuild our steel industry. We can build an aquaculture industry to feed us and the world,the farming industry can be rebuilt with traditional and hydroponic methods to produce food. We have idle plants tank plants,auto plants,appliance plants etc. that can be retooled and renovated to produce something. We can build cottage industries to supply larger companies with parts and components. We can build ships again and repair facilities for ships. We can develop recycle to the next level and use what had been waste. We can mine the ocean bottoms the 70% of earth that is largely unexplored. We can build a permanent colony on the moon as a new stepping stone to new deep space exploration. We can develop magnetic propulsion and innovations in crystal technology. If it is possible it has been done,if it’s impossible it will be done. The bottom line is that it creates jobs something Obama hasn’t done. We can rebuild and strengthen our military that Obama has gutted while Russia China and the Iranians and North Korea buildup. We get off our keysters and remove the leaders who are the problem we replace them with leaders who will lead and do the right things for our America. We know what we need to do it’s time to do it !!!   Nov.6th we elect Romney and “Fire Obama and the Democraps” God and Country America Forever !!!


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