170 Days and Counting !!!

Till this man replaces the worst most disasterous President in United States History.

The disasters of this man

Obamas Ocrapacare that will cost us 20 trillion dollars over time. Result in higher healthcare costs,healthcare rationing,impingement on our personal freedom,cost 500 billion dollars out of Medicare carefully camouflaged in the law to pay for it;this boondoggle. The failed stimulus,Dodd/Frank,failed green projects,the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac continuing disaster,inept foolish military and foreign policies by this inept amatuer. His surrepticious moves trying to impose a socialist dictatorship in America. His continuing “Big Lies” about being the only candidate fighting for the middle class this wraitheic prevaricator is trying to destroy all the classes and is hiding behind these “Big Lies” because he’s using the middle class as useful idiots to impose his evil dictatorship. He’s lying to the middle class he’s lying to latinos he’s lying to seniors he’s lying to the military,he’s lying to blacks,he’s lying to business,he’s lying the “Big Lie” everyday. 3.5 years of rhetoric and excuses and lies about the abominable disaster he’s deliberately causing to force a radical socialist government upon America. 170 Days to “Firing this Pretender” Nov.6th From day1 Barack Hussein Obama has done everything in his power to circumvent the constitution,laws,states,government and consolidate power in his pocket through subterrainnean executive orders,appointees answerable only to him.He has totally ignored the will of the people and thrown his disdain for us and his arrogance in the faces of the American people. Nov.6th We “Fire Him and the Democraps”   He thought he got a shellacking in 2010 that will seem like a stroll in the park compared to the wrath of the American People in 2012


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