The Coming Appalacian Earthquake

The signs are there for a coming major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault. The devastation is potentially catastrophic Nashville Tennessee and other built up areas in the 7 state area of the fault will sustain damage. The 1811-1812 series of 3 quakes changed the course of the Mississippi River. Casualties then were light but today there could be millions in an 8 to 9 Richter scale earthquake. The fault has been surprisingly quiet and stress has been quietly building for 100 years since the last major earthquake hit the region.

There seems to be a migratory pattern northward. First the Earthquake of 6.5 in Venezuela then the 7.0 in Haiti and a number of smaller quakes in America and even in Canada could be forerunners of the New Madrid letting go with an 8 or worse earthquake.

Copyright Jan Duke


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