The City of Byron City

I went on a first date Saturday with this girl I met online. I was a little nervous, I admit. But when the date was over, and I thought about how, by the end of the night, I spent $200 and eaten nothing, was forced to talk to 3 of her ex-boyfriends on her cell phone, had my pants set on fire, and lost consciousness twice for completely different reasons, I can say this: it was the best date of my entire life.

I won’t say who this girl is, but she is completely and totally insane. I guess there were signs from the beginning. She has a Sesame Street tattoo, is really into horoscopes, told me she is an ex-model with her own fashion blog, said her favorite rapper is Ke$ha, and thinks Stephenie Meyers is the greatest writer of our generation, but I didn’t know how crazy she really…

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