Adorably Caffeinated

I had no idea what I wanted this morning. But I knew I wanted it to be cold, because it’s actually pretty nice out today. After 2 days of rain, it’s been sunny all day! Knock on wood/fingers crossed/all that jazz that it will stay this way for our softball game tonight. And for the post-game drinking, because we go to an outdoor bar and play flip cup. It’s kind of really awesome.

Please don’t rain!!!!

Anyhoo, I was feeling great this morning, partly due to the rain and partly due to sleeping like a rock last night (yay!), so I decided to go whole hog and get a frappuccino. Hm. Where does the expression whole hog come from? If you know, please tell me, because now it’s all I can think about… Coffee. Right. Back to the important bit.

When I asked Alex to put skim milk in my…

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