What’s wrong with this picture ???


Christ established his church and the structure and doctrine of that church. It is eternal.  12 apostles who are prophets revelators and seers, the 70’s,  bishops, the Melchizedek and Aaronic priesthoods are the proper priesthood authority. Somewhere in the mix apostasy set in. In 313 AD Constantine of Rome issued the edict of Milan after gathering all the records of Christianity that had survived the Roman persecutions. There were 600 books these were culled to 73 and later 66 books and blended with Roman beliefs. In 280 years of Roman persecution and apostasizing what had been set down by Jesus as his church and doctrine eternal had morphed into something totally unrecognizable. The true church Christs church has turned into thousands of churches and denominations. Jesus didn’t change it or corrupt it men did so if Christ the son of God created 1 church and doctrine why are there thousands of churchs and competing doctrines ?  Gee what’s wrong with this picture ??  We’re running out of time and we’re in the final days before the second coming and you better believe you will determine your eternity by your choices here in this  second estate.  The devil wants you to believe there is no devil so he can deceive you and take you to his eternal fate.  Choices so many choices so little time to make them.


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