The Only Path

The only way to return unto our heavenly father is through the atonement of his only begotten son.  He is the bridge he is our mediator with heavenly father period.  Not one soul from Islam,Hari Krishna,Hinduism,Buddism,or any other will enter. Apostasy befell Christianity you can see it in the form of hundreds of thousands of churchs and thousands of sects that have corrupted and perverted the true church. The Lords church as he estabished it as his true church was a church of order with eternal true doctrines,with the true authority and spiritual keys and spiritual gifts and church structure of prophet apostles,seventys,melchizedek and aaronic priesthoods etc. was corrupted and perverted by man and his spirit was withdrawn and direct revelation with heavenly father ceased and apostasy was upon the church. What was lost has been restored. Constantine the first so called christian roman emperor caused that all surviving christian writings and works should be gathered and brought to rome. He assembled 600 books these were culled down. He mixed roman religious beliefs with the culled christian beliefs and the church which had already apostasized for 300 years plus came forth. There are 66 books in the King James Bible where are the other 534 books that didn’t come forth. The apostasy of much of christianity has continued in following incomplete and misinterpreted corrupted doctrine. They have nuggets of the truth but don’t understand the full truth. Gods work is eternal and yet they continue to say the bible is all of Gods work,men have written millions of books is man greater than God ?  Yet they murmur when more of the gospel comes forth and is revealed God’s work and creation is eternal. Yep there is more and it is being revealed precept by precept line by line and work by work everyday. Their beliefs are incomplete and inaccurate. Only those who find the true path and follow it will enter into the Celestial Kingdom.


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