Only the Good Die Young !!!

The rotten festering piles of septic bat guano mixed with necrotic radioactive camel dung and reconstituted rotten fish lamprey and hagfish gurry continue to send their odorous stenchous flatulence this is fortified with sunripened chicken livers,wet mangey coyote skins concentrated hyena vomit “Live till their moldy wrinkled carcasses sun dry and ripen”  Good die young and rotten evil slitherous snakes go on and on. The Gurry Can of inglorious infamous moldering heaps of instant swill.

America You’re invited Nov. 6th to take out our political garbage and clean our house of these corrupt lying grifting slitherous snakes. Whose stench permeates like a bubbling pool of nauseous sewerage throughout our federal government. “Fire Obama and the Democraps Nov.6th” and let’s put in a new functional federal government not controlled by these snakes,leading us off a cliff to national destruction.   “Fire these Skunks”

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