I’m not even sure what to call Fridays anymore.

WHEW comes to mind. Two whole days with two parents in the house!!

This week has been crazy. Ca-ray-zy.

Kellan and I had play date on Tuesday with a mom I met at the play group last week. Her daughter is nine months old, though, and Kellan slept the whole time, so…..that was that. We just chatted it up for about an hour. Play date número dos is this coming Monday…at our house (instead of hers). I have some baby proofing to do. Her nine month old is walking. Walking!

(I don’t remember Monday. I have four day memory capabilities only. Apparently.)

Wednesday Kellan and Tim had their first stay-at-home-alone-without-mommy experience while I went to the dermatologist. I was (not) blessed with lots of moles, so I go twice a year to make sure nothing looks funky. This time, only two…

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