Christine M. Grote

Wildflowers are enchanting. I love driving along the road and being surprised by a field of flowers. In Germany as we zoomed along   in a bus from Berlin to Munich, the road passed through field after field of red poppies. Closer to home in rural areas I sometimes see a colorful sea of lavender or yellow. I love the Queen Anne’s Lace that I’ve see when I walk at VOA. Wildflowers are God’s or Mother Nature’s or the Universe’s way of decorating this planet. And they’re a thrill to behold knowing, in most cases, they were not planted by a human hand.

These, however, are not wildflowers. These were planted by previous owners near the stone patio at the foot of our back hill. I found out last year they are called Solomon’s Seal. As you can see by the weeds, this is not a high priority gardening area…

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