190 Days and Counting

The Old and Corrupt and Disaster Incarnate

The New with Integrity the Renewal and Rejuvination of America.

1. Dictatorship

2.Return to Constitutional Principles and the Continuance of Liberty and Freedom.

Obama the Dictator or Romney the President our choice our free agency Nov.6th.  “Fire Obama and the Democraps”  “Elect Romney and the Republicans”

Choice 1 Liberal Socialist Radicals

Choice 2 Conservative Constitutional Government

Choice A: Government of the Government by the Government for the Government

Choice B: Government of the People by the People for the People

“Fire Obama and the Democraps and Repeal Ocrapacare and Dodd/Frank and other Liberal Radical Dictates”

Elect Romney a new Senate stronger Conservative Congress and get a functional Federal Government or “Stupidly” Continue with Obama the Dictator and a Dysfunctional Federal Government.

Your Choice Your Vote Nov. 6th

God and Country America Forever !!!

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