The Symptons of Terminal Stupidity.

Claire McCaskill Senate Democrats Introduce Legislation On Oversight Of Wartime Contracting

Barbara Boxer Boxer, Shaheen, Gillibrand, Blumenthal Discuss Contraceptives Coverage

Barbara Boxer 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala - Arrivals

Americans bellyache about to much spending to many taxes to much government and yet they continue to “Stupidly” Reelect the very same people causing the problems. Until these terminally stupid people stop insanely electing these people over and over again and expecting a different result they’re gonna continue getting screwed. Elect someone new stop reelecting the slitherous snakes. “Fire the ones causing the Problems”¬† Wanna solve the problem “Fire the problems” if you’re not to cranially challenged and suffer from Terminal Stupidity.


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