The New President of the United States


The reasons for a new President and administration are self evident it doesn’t take a genius to see we’re going off a cliff with the fiscally lunatic policies of the Obama administration if we can call this corrupt socialist cabal an administration. Obama answers are more taxes and more spending and printing more money,these are carefully crafted tactics to cause hyperinflation and drastic devaluation of our money and massive irremediable debt to orchestrate an atmoshere of political crisis that is deliberate and planned. This is enabled by the dark shadows George Soros,Jeffery Immelt,Warren Buffet and Richard Trumpka toward having forced socialism and becoming part of a global conglomerate that is staggering under and trying to resurrect the numerously failed socialist policies and dogma that doesn’t work,that has the souls of  billions crying from the earth as to its total failure. We need to return to our founding roots and constitution which the so called progressives in reality leftist socialist radicals; are trying to destroy. We need a new President a new Nondemocrapically controlled Senate and fewer leftist radical socialists hiding in Congress under the Democrapic Banner. These deliberate prevaricators are slitherous snakes leading us into dictatorship. Obama is a dictator an orator with the oratory skill of a Hitler and a similar agenda that we don’t want to go to. Mitt Romney is who we need to turn away from the impending disaster and blackhole the Obama cabal is taking us into to total irremediable destruction. Obama relies on the “Big Lie” and his carefully crafted Lamestream media which is his Goebelisk propaganda machice to deceive the American people into blindly following his agenda. He pretends to be the champion of the middle class “He Isn’t” his real goal is the destruction of society as we know it into a blind classless state controlled by and dictated to by the central government under his control and his successors control. A new communism a new politburo is the reality of Obama and all the dark shadows orchestrating and enabling the move toward dictatorial globalism.

Mitt Romney represents the return to the constitution and rule of law the maintainence of liberty and freedom. Religious freedom and a return to morality and economic growth and capitalism and free enterprise. Removal and repeal of Ocrapacare which in reality is little more than a political power play that moves us closer to dictatorship and adds trillions and trillions in new debt. Obama and his evil slitherous snakes are trying to collapse us from within.  Nov. 6th “Fire Obama and the Democraps”

Mitt Romney:!/mittromney

Mitt Romney is the choice for President he will be the President of the People by the People for the People of America. Obama promised transparency and openness he didn’t mention it was ghost transparency and his open agenda was openly forcing his agenda behind closed doors by czars and committees he controls. He isn’t a President he’s a dictator period;relying on  deceit  complacency  gullibility and stupidity by the people via his “Big Lies” to remain in power to complete the destruction of America. Nov.6th we rise in a political tsunamai and send Obama and his minions a message “You’re Fired” Your Lies are over !!! We’ll all make 2010’s  political tsunamai look like a ripple to the 2012 political tsunamai. We “Fire a Dictator” We Elect a President !!! God and Country America Forever !!!


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