Revelation Now

People have thought of the revelation in a future sense here’s an epiphany folks worth considering, the future has arrived and it’s now no longer in the future it’s in the now. The present today the moment. We have corruption and increasing calls from those who are ammoralists to accept embrace and live in a world of no rules where everything is okay that it’s all good as we sink ever deeper into degeneracy and depravity and delusional lunacy there is no price to be paid for immorality or unrighteousness. We can violate all the rules and do what we please because there are no rules.  Delusional psychotic thinking. Just look we have out of control crime,corrupt government,depravity and degeneracy of same sex marriage and unnatural acts that the degenerates in government are enabling and telling us to embrace and accept and to throw away the morals of righteousness in leau of their depraved reality. We have a cornicopia of mad dog world leaders with twisted mentalities and evil twisted agendas. Phony religions with depraved degenerate precepts. We’ve massive weaponry. We’ve got really delusional demented retards with guano for brains leading more retards with guano for brains with false religious BS straight from the devil. While these same depraved mental midgets attack reality and truth to enable and promote their false “Big Lies”.  Women are subjegated  enslaved and second class to false religious edicts in many parts of the world. Freedom and free agency and liberty are preempted for evil socialist dictatorship and forced servitude to mandates forced on them by crazed evil political religious despots. I’d say that it’s a pretty realistic and plausible epiphany that the time prophesied by the Apostle John is in play and unfolding now. The mockers will mock but mortality is mortality the eternities are the eternities are you willing to sacrifice your eternity for a at max life of anything goes that might last 110 years ?  Everything spoken of by the ancient prophesies is here.  The whole enchilada is here and the stage is set for the final showdown between good and evil.  The war which began in heaven continues on earth. The 3rd Revelation He that overcomes shall retain his name in the book of life,reach Godhood,and be with Jesus as he is with the Father. There are 3 kingdoms of glory possible Celestial,Terrestrial,and Telestial. What you do in this life does matter. We’ve got freedom choice and liberty that evil men want to take from us. The war in heaven Lucifer rebelled against the plan of salvation and free agency 1/3 of those in the premortal existence followed him and they were cast out and denied physical bodies they can never return they can’t be resurrected. The first death is eternal separation from God. We kept our 1st estate our bodies testify of it can we keep our second estate in the mortal existence are we Celestial,Terrestrial or Telestial or cast into the lake of fire ? Our choice our free agency. The Revelation is now.


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