The False Path


Error is one of the ways the Devil the Father of all Lies fights against the Lamb of God and the True Path to return to God from whence we came. There is no permanence in this life it is temporary and whether we like it or not we all die. It is a probationary period “Mortality”is a test period to test us and prepare us. There is only one true path to return unto whence we came 1 “Gospel”

Constantine the Roman Emperor supposedly the first Christian emperor gathered the surviving books of the bible everything that had been written that could be found.  600 books these were culled down to what we have today. The King James with 66 books there are 534 missing books.

The Restoration of what was truly Established by Christ. It is an ongoing restoration and the work is in progress and will never again be taken from the earth and the Devil and those cast out of Heaven those denyed Physical bodies days are numbered and coming to a close quickly and they attack man and the lamb of God.

The true path was corrupted and Christianity divided it is self evident. We must find our way back and it is our agency to choose. We must find the way and adhere to it.  That is what the war in Heaven was about Agency.  Each of us must choose and decide for ourselves what is true and the way the path.


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