The Road Back for America


The road back from the irremediable disaster approaching America is going to be a violent lurching turn away from the cliff we’re starting to go over. We cut the size of the federal government drastically we cut spending drastically. There is no sugared pill gonna save us it’s bitter and the idiots the lunatics of the radical left and democraps aren’t gonna like it. We take totally Draconian measures and do it. How we got here “Stupidity” Greed,Vanity,Illusion,Arrogance,Delusion,the Myths of Invincibility,and Invulnerability. The Cure vastly downsized federal government upsized state and local government and authority; people taking personal responsibility and getting off their lazy duffs and working and helping themselves. Silencing the phony banshees shrilling phony environmental BS and developing our mineral,oil and natural gas resources and begin moving toward national energy independence. We develop our 100 year world supply of rare earths and build the processing facilities for them. They are an absolute strategic necessity. We develop long term national plans and strategies for the repair and maintainance of our transportation and road infrastructure. We make a long term National energy policy. We do a draconian redo of the tax system and totally scrap the 70,000 page unintelligible encyclopedia and do a new 1 volume tax code and simplify everything for everyone both for business and individual. We “Fire Obama” and all the Lunatic Socialist Radicals who’ve infiltrated our government under the guise of progressives and democraps. We tug our collective heads out of our collective duffelbags and end the total terminal stupidity that has enabled these vicious wraithes to corrupt our U.S. government and threaten our National sovereignty and independence. It starts at the bottom Nov.6th we remove the people causing the problems and replace them with people with solutions and a work ethic who work for us and not themselves. We save our nation. We close our porous borders and we draconianly go after the domestic and foreign enemies within. We root out the traitors ruthlessly. All the radicals socialists communists anarchists and put them in prison. We become America again Constitutional U.S. America not Socialist America not some friggin cog in an international socialist global conglomerate orchestrated by the likes of George Soros or Jeffery Immelt,or Warren Buffett. The United States of America. The majority rules not the evil radical minority and their crazed unworkable agendas. God and Country America Forever !!!

We “Fire this Guy”

We “Hire this Guy”

We turn America from the cliff we save our nation we save our future. It’s ours to save or lose.  Nov.6th “Fire Obama and the Democrapic Wraithes”


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