Lea & Jay

I love Spring. Although Fall is my favourite season, Spring is a close second. All the flowers are blooming, the trees sprouting new leaves, the birds are singing and all of these wonders taking place in the perfect temperature range. You know anywhere from 55°F (12°C) up to 70°F (21°C), mind you when it gets up to that 70°F mark I start getting antsy. Nervous about what hellaciously hot and humid Virginia summer temperatures are lurking right around the corner. Imagine my dismay yesterday when the old mercury shot up to 85°F (29° C) and today, I’m told it is destined to be 88°F (31°C). What the what! It’s only April! After the mild winter we had, I was nervous that summer around these parts would be completely off the hook and it looks like my fears will soon be realized! Boo!

So, I was trying to think of…

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