A New Day is Dawning Nov.6th

We Elect

We “Fire”

The Fat Dumb Stupid and Gullible still think this lying dictatorial pariah is just a saint just wonderful while he’s been taking these braindead morons over the cliff.  He’s lied since day 1 and we have 3 plus years of  facts and deeds that he’s lying to us and leading this country to total irremediable destruction; yet the stupid blind naiive idiots continue to grovel at his feet and think this lying slitherous snake has their welfare and best interests at heart.  “He Doesn’t” and he’s counting on their continued ignorance and stupidity to keep him in office to complete the destruction of our country. He’s promising everything to the blind ignorant stupid idiots and he has no intention of delivering. He’s just like the evil commies they took the land from the landowners and gave it to the peasants as communes and once they were solidly in power they took that away from them and gave it to the state and the state was them the corrupt political hierarchy living high on the hog and stealing the labor and works of their people and murdering and torturing all who opposed these dictatorial wraithes. That is what will happen if Obama stays in office “Period” !!!  “Fire this Snake”   Nov.6th elect a President and New Senate and “Fire more Democraps in Congress like Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman and DNC  the snake supreme Deborah Wassermann/Schultz.  Elect Mitt Romney and Save Your Future and your freedom and liberty from a totalitarian dictatorship under Obama and the new world order of the radical left. God and Country America Forever !!!


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