The Destruction of Iran


The scenario for the total annihilation and destruction of Iran and it’s military and leadership. Attacks on the major cities of Iran destruction of power grids,the water supply. Destruction of Iranian nuclear and military facilities with neutron bombs. Attacks on the seat of government and the quarters of Iranian political leaders. Fuel supplies and communication system the systematic destruction of them. Destruction of the Iranian navy vessels and ports and ship building and repair facilities. Total annihilation of the Iranian air force on the ground and in the air. Covert attacks on political leaders and their removal.  The day is fast approaching and not far removed to begin the preemptive strikes against Iran. It’s kill or be killed for the nations of the region and in Europe and there is no other real  alternative but the total decaffeination of a global pariah nation. They must be merciless to this ruthless radical pariah nation. Iran must never be allowed to become a nuclear threat. This is a plausible scenario to eliminate this malignant nation that is and has brought so much grief and death to so many people of the region and the world.


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