New Direction for America

The current administration in office is so totally out of sync with the reality of the state of the nation and out of sync with the will of the majority of the people. We begin a 20 year plan to achieve energy independence. We begin a 20 year plan of developing our mineral and rare earth deposits and facilities for processing them we start to look at mining under the oceans to discover untapped resources in the 70 % of the planet that is largely unexplored. We utilize newer clean coal technologies,natural gas,shale oil. New technologies for tapping out oil  from old oil field reservoirs. We rebuild our textile industries we utilize the richness of our land to produce enormous quantities of food to market worldwide. We build massive desalinization plants and aquafers to pipe water to areas of the interior of our country. We take hydroponics to a whole new level. We develop strategies and technologies for repair of our highway and bridge infra structure. Build New bridges using honeycomb materials and other materials. Develop new type metalurgical materials. Develop materials from sand,develop energy technologies from crystals and composite hybrid materials. We develop aquaculture to a new high level with vast farms under the sea to produce fish,mollusks and edible sea vegetation. We begin to develop techniques and equipment to extract minerals and other products from sea water. We become very systematic on the recycling of materials and establish collection and processing centers in all major cities and at the state and county levels. Energy must come from all sources. We collectively utilize coal,oil,shale oil,natural gas,ethanol produced from non crop plant sources such as grass,cellulose from wood by products etc. Nuclear powerplants,hydroelectric plants,solar,geothermal,wind,and in new underocean turbines using ocean currents and also supermagnets and superconductivity.  We can tap the core of the earth to produce electricity through steam generated turbines. We utilize all resources excluding non to be sure our energy needs are satisfied. We begin to use new materials in the construction of our road systems. We use some commonsense in the rebuild of our rail system. Not impetuous hair brained half baked poorly thought out ideas. The track system and the control system just cannot handle the poorly conceived high speed rail the impetuous radical left thinks is gonna just pop into existence presto. We build dual purpose trains to transport people and their cars and freight. We slowly and with thought and preparation begin a 20 year plan of building a separate track system for highspeed rail that is very well conceived and functional and has a passenger base to support it. We do not need anymore disasterous albatrosses popping up. We build it right we plan it right no cutting corners no trying to rush it through because some dumb idiots want to force it through half baked. We clean up our federal government and reduce it by 40% those displaced go to state and municipal or private jobs. We cut spending by 35% and entitlements by 50 % We do the draconian things we need to do to cure a problem 100 years in the making. It isn’t going away and the time for action and cure is now,not next week next month next year next decade “NOW”   It’s gonna be painful but we’ve brought it on ourselves with blind impetuous spending and a mentality to match. The cudgmudgeons of Obama and Democrapic radical left are gonna try to sell you on some concocted woof tickets of pretention of having a solution when they’re the ones who’ve created the problem in the first place to enable their politically expedient agenda of forced socialization of America and the usurption of personal liberty and the trashing of the constitution and the laws of the land,by these myoptic cudgmudgeons who stink worse than a dirty and filthy nasty mangey stinking hyena covered in the blood of their kill. Nov.6th time to “Fire Obama and the Democraps” who are the problem and elect Mitt Romney and a new Republican Senate and stronger Republican Congress that will get something positive done unlike the last 3 years of obstruction by the current Democraps. “Fire these imperial grifters and pretentious rotten lying prevaricators”. Send them a message Nov.6th in the greatest political tsunamai in American history. “They’re Fired” God and Country America Forever !!!



One Response to “New Direction for America”

  1. finnegan2749 Says:

    If we want a country still Nov.6th we elect Mitt Romney. If we allow ourselves to be duped and played for very stupid ignorant fools by Obama and the Democraps then “Kiss it Goodbye” The choice is Liberty and Freedom or complete Dictatorship

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