You Know it’s gonna be a bad day !!!

Surprised_face : young man surprised on a black background

When your little fizz of flatulence turns into an exlax disaster !!!

When the little puppy you’ve been hired to walk turns out to be a 130 lb ill tempered rottweiler named Bruno.

When you get royally swizzled and find out the little contract you signed the night before was enlistment papers for 6 years active duty in the foreign legion in Afghanistan

When the little beauty you took home from the bar who looked like snow white last night turned into the medusa overnight.

When your wife makes sardine and sauerkraut stuffed dumplings with habanero sauce.

When you rush into a public mens room to take care of nature and there’s no toilet paper.

You’re at a health resort and they give you cod liver oil every morning.

When your new wife tells you she’s pregnant with quadruplets.

After your wife tells you that your boss calls and tells you’re demoted from VP of sales to mailroom boy.

Your toilet backs up and 50 gallons of sewerage floods your bathroom while you’re sitting on the throne.


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