Liberty Freedom Agency Choice or Dictatorship Autocratic Authoritarian Totalitarianism Americas Choice Nov. 6th

Waving Flag #3

November 6th we can return our country to constitutionality and the rule of law and we stop the disintergration of America by the Leftist Radical Lunatics leading her over the cliff to destruction by electing Mitt Romney and a new Non democrapically controlled obstructionist radical socialist Senate and a new stronger than now conservative Congress or we can blindly follow the left radical lunatic prevaritators lying the “Big Lie” over the cliff to our own futures destruction our childrens futures destruction and their childrens and their childrens  childrens future into destruction into a totally evil Socialist Global Dictatorship of Poverty Ammorality and Totalitarianism. America Nov. 6th is the election determining Americas Fate. Romney and Freedom or Obama and a controlled Socialist Dictatorship. Your Choice Your Fate totally in Your own Hands. “Get it Right !!!  God and Country America Forever !!!


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