How to Be Stupid in 1 Easy Lesson

Vote for the same politicians who’ve been ripping you off and lying forever to you.

Get a computer with 40 year old technology made in 1972 instead of a new 2012 technology computer.

Do mathematical problems with a slide rule instead of a scientific calculator.

Get a security system with 50 year old technology instead of a new 2012 technology security system

Pay to much for fuel because some leftist radical bureaucrat hiding behind phony environmental excuses won’t develop our domestic fuel and mineral resources.

Believe the drivel and propaganda the lamestream media puts out as newsworthy.

Eat 40 year old powdered eggs because you believe fresh eggs have to much cholesterol

Use a washboard to wash your clothes because you think it’s saving the planet.

Think the first doctor was a Chinese named Ahchoo !!!

Use poison oak to clean your posterior after nature call.

Think athletes foot is an award awarded for track and field events

Lie in a chigger infested woodpile just to spite your mother.

Believe sugarpops,grapenuts and moby dick are social disease

Use turpentine to cure hemorroids

Wear a necklace of open jars of Vicks vaporub around you neck to attract women 

Combine habanero oil horse linament and jalapeno oil with baby oil as a warming sexual lubricant

Insert drano into the posterior to cure constipation.

Use 5 quarts of vegetable oil instead of 3 and the deep fried turkey you were making becomes a deep fried garage.(Oops)

Use Ben Gay for cologne

Put melted lard and isoprophyl alcohol on your head for your dry hair and scalp.

Tell your mother in law her meatloaf sucks worse than dracula on overdrive.


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