Duh !!!!

Smelda Crudcrotch DNC Chairwoman


Environmentalist for the preservative of the wrinkleneck bass and zipper kipper.

Strong proponent of Ocrapacare

Chairperson for the banning of deodorant

President of the Eric Holder turn a blind eye Prevaricators Chapter 1

National Chairwoman for birth control for cats

Supporter of the Prevention of cruelty for fleas.

Spokesperson for the Ban the Steak Society

Life member of the make America Healthy with Bamboo Larvae and Tofu Society.

Chairwoman  of the right to have Hairy Armpits League

Strong supporter of lunatic Nancy Pelosi

Lobbyist for the Deaf Dumb and Stupid !!!

Supports the moratorium on banning mouthwash

Supporter of High heeled combat boots and lipstick and makeup for combat.

Supports make the new M-16s but ban the bullets society

Has nominated Osama Bin Laden as humanitarian and man of the century.

Proponent of beards for women

Is a staunch activist against women shaving their legs and douching.

She thinks the Democraps and Harry Reid are the greatest thing since sliced cheese.


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