Meanderings of a Restless Mind

I’m 22 years old. I will turn 23 at the end of this month. At least that’s what my birth certificate says and what my mother has told me. I think it’s wrong though. I think I’m actually 85 years old, soon to be 86.

What I should be doing is going out every night, partying it up while I have no responsibilities in my life. No relationship, no children. Nothing to hold me back. I’m young, I should be able to stay up til all hours of the morning and wake up the next day for work with no problems. I should be the ‘woo’ girl in crowds. (You know, the random girl who screams “WOO!” in any large group of people) I’m only 22. I should be the life of every party. But I’m not. (I’m the life of the party-pooper party, that’s for sure)

And why don’t…

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