The Women of Iran

These are the women of Iran subjegated into mere slavitude under the oppressive boot of islamic sharia law every year thousands of women are abused and killed because of the twisted philosophies of this degenerate radicalized so called religious doctrine.  Women are second class citizens with no rights or say in their own lives. They’re forced into servitude and unquestioning obedience.

Remember Neda Agha-Soltan killed probaly because she was wearing bluejeans some twisted islamic radical freak militant didn’t like.

This twisted belief system that radicals glorify and expound.  Here in America brainless idiots without a clue are putting down our constitution and way of life with their falsitudes and distortions and disinformation while denying the truths and facts of this evil and enabling it to exist while urging us to embrace this really evil falsehood and its twisted degenerate beliefs and doctrines. Islamics killing their own daughters in America under it. Gee what’s wrong with this picture ?  Got news not one person following these precepts will enter into the Celestial kingdom of God. Godless behavior and evil will never see the light of the glorious post mortal existance that could be. They choose to follow paths of evil and hate and unrighteousness while in absolute denial of the truth and righteous behavior. Hopefully the Lord will open the door to the light to those who dwell in absolute spiritual darkness. There is one God he created all and men have twisted corrupted and distorted his precepts with all manner of falsehoods and false churchs.  Freedom and Liberty will not be snuffed by the twisted evil despots and their blind deaf automatons.  The women of Iran and the middleeast and throughout the world will walk in the light of freedom and truth one day; despite the efforts of the devil through his twisted minions in this world to prevent it and to thwart God’s Plan for the spiritual growth and salvation of all mankind. Good will overcome Evil.


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