The Dictator and His Legions

He has been selling out America since Day 1 of his authoritarian rule. This totalitarian is now making another sellout to Russia to further erode Americas military.  Obama is a true believer in the communist,socialist,fascist theorems he’s a total dictator and his goal is the extinguishment of liberty and freedom from the country and the world.  An imposition of a socialist authoritarian worldwide dictatorship. America is the last bastion of freedom and obstacle in the way of this totalitarian ghoul.Plouffe,Axelrod,Clinton,Reid,Emanuel,Gibbs Pelosi,Wasserman Schultz,all of them lie through their teeth and protect this totalitarian ghoul and their mutual political agenda of dictatorship in America with the Shadows George Soros,Jeffery Immelt,Richard Trumpka in the background orchestrating,manipulating and enabling this dictator. The Act Up, the Occupy,Black Panthers,Acorn Derivatives,SEIU and all the radicalistic groups are joined in a loose configuration of convienence. Their goal a global dictatorship. If they’re asked a straight question they never answer the actual question they divert off on a totally unrelated; off topic tangent and try to do a distraction and diversion from the subject of the question asked. They’re total masters at distortion,disinformation,half trues,distraction,innuendo,and the “Big Lie”,propaganda,dirty politics,division and class warfare. They lie with an absolute aplomb. Wanna see Obamas dreams and plans look into the past here they are and the results will be the same as those of the past.  Wanna see the real Obama here it is in the shadow of this Tyrant and Megalomaniac.

This is the real deal Obama and his real deal so Nov. 6th “Fire Him” and Save the Country from Despotic Rule by an Evil Dictatorship.


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