Sweet Pea's Kitchen

I absolutely love Girl Scout Cookie season. This year we stocked up on my favorite Samoas and Thin Mints. We bought plenty to eat straight from the box and enough to throw into delicious baked goodies. If you happen to have some Girl Scout Cookies lying around your house you need to make these now…trust me. 😉 Don’t worry if you don’t have any thin mints, any mint cookie will do. I adapted this recipe from one that called for a boxed brownie mix. Homemade brownies always taste so much better than boxed ones so I decided to use my favorite brownies from scratch, almost a whole box of thin mint cookies, and a splash of peppermint extract to get more of a minty flavor. The results were incredible! Chewy, fudgy double chocolate brownies studded with chunks of Thin Mint Cookies. So rich, so chocolately, so irresistible!

One Year Ago:Double Chocolate Walnut…

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