The Democrapic Green Energy Myth.

The Chevy volt plagued with problems that catches fire. Has minimal range  due to a short lived battery.  No infrastructure in place to charge them. Electricity required yet the environmentalist radicals want to close down 150 electric plants that produce over half the countries electricity and want to rely on unreliable sources like wind and solar that at best would produce 5%  at best of the electricity. There is no infrastructure to compensate for the loss of the power that would be caused by the environmental idiots closure of these powerplants. They want fluorescent lights but in their infinite wisdom these dolts  forgot about the environmental hazard of the gas inside. These wiz kids are putting out not ready for primetime half baked ideas and technology. The geniuses forgot that we need rare earths to build the solar panels that China has cut 97% of the export of.  We sit on a 100 year plus world supply which these radical environmentalists sabotage development and mining of as well as domestic oil,offshore oil and domestic natural gas because they’re myopic braindead morons.  Unidimensional pinheads incapable of rational abstract thought or anything beyond their jaded perspective of the perfect world. We have as much natural gas as Saudi Arabia and possibly as much oil if we can get these pinheaded obstructionist idiots out of the way and put a new functional damn government in place of this dysfunctional travesty that we’re saddled with of self serving radical socialist churls.


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