Black Racism in America

There is a propensity among blacks to ignor the biase and bigotry of black America toward other ethnic groups. Claims of racism by them have become a convienient excuse when in reality 90% of the claims are fallacious without any factual base. They are quick to use the race card excuse when they don’t like a point of view in contrast to their view. This President that they have all mollycoddled and blindly followed without any cognitive realistic analysis of the real factuals of the mans deeds and policies. Over and over we’ve heard false claims of racism while they vehemently deny their own actual racial biase and bigotry and hypocracy. They’ve blindly defended and glorified a man who in reality is a radical socialist despot dictator who’s leading everyone including them over the cliff. Reality of it is they’ve  blinded themselves  and organizations which were once for equality and justice have degenerated into racist hate groups their only real intent is revenge and getting even against all of the other ethnicities for the past and the imagined and created in their own minds racial discrimination of the present while they actively are the real true discriminators racists and bigots. 

Al Sharpton-CNO-004184.jpg

Louis Farrakhan - Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Addresses The Turmoil In The Middle East

Jeremiah Wright

Sheila Jackson Lee 10th Annual GRAMMYs On The Hill Awards

Black Racism is alive and well in America.  It’s denyed but it’s there and it’s real.  The Great Divider and the other Instigators of ethnic and class warfare use this as a convienient tool to achieve their own political agendas.  






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