The Future under this Dictator

This is the face of a Dictator

His Policies his belief system is that he can resurrect and reinvent and through coercion and force make the failed policies of socialism,communism,marxism and,fascism that  despots of  history have repeatedly tried to force upon their people with tragic catastrophic results work. He is a megalomaniacal radical lunatic who is myopic and has a unidimensional perspective and anything that is beyond the narrow sphere of his perspective is maliciously attacked and he labels as attacks upon the middle class or people when in reality it is he and his minions who are the very attackers and enemies of Freedom and Liberty. He wants to destroy the inspired constitution and legacy of the people under it,and replace it with the repressive failed policies of the likes of these despots Caesar,Genghis Khan,Marx,Lenin,Stalin,Hitler,Mussolini,Mao Tse Tung,and Pol Pot. This is the power and parade Obama envisions.

We can have this future.

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Or this future

Nov.6th we have a choice we can elect Mitt Romney and a new Senate free of Democrapic party obstruction and a new Congress with fewer Democraps like Pelosi,Waxman,Wasserman/Schultz,Rangel etc. We  begin the regeneration of America and its revitalization we put an end to this out of control spending and bankrupting of our country and the never ending blackhole of taxation and we seal our borders recognize our foreign enemies as enemies and friends as friends. We reduce the size of federal government,the states take care of  all their state business.  We enforce the laws we have and we adhere to all of the parameters of the constitution and Maintain liberty and freedom and our free enterprise system that this current crop of radicals and their evil heinous Manchurian Candidate are trying to destroy.  Everyday we’re bombarded with lies from the propaganda machine of these prevaricators their stratagem is the “Big Lie” and they tell them over and over to deceive us and hide and to totally camouflage their true intent.  This isn’t George Washington and the new first congress,this isn’t grandmas democratic party this the new democrapic party of deceit and illusion as its always been. They are the enemies within enabling the enemies within and without our country they’ve gotta go !!! “Fire Them” Nov.6th “All of Them” and Save our country from their political melanoma it isn’t for the good of America freedom and liberty for which they stand it is for being part of a global international socialistic conglomerate that’s dictated to period that is their true agenda and the future they want for the world and the benefactors will be them at our expense we will become serfs and slaves to all their whims and dictates. We have a dictator who’s becoming more brazen and he needs to be removed from office “Now”  Nov.6th “Fire Him” this demagogue and wraitheic President and his wraitheic politburo are sucking the lifeblood from the last bastion of freedom and liberty and attempting to extinguish freedom and liberty from the world and replace it with their evil totalitarian dogmas.  The abuses and excesses of his power by this evil arrogant slitherous snake are classic Hitlerish.

We stand our ground and Nov.6th America we remove this evil corrupt blight from our government and all the churls surrounding and insulating this man. He is the Antithesis of America incarnate he and they have gotta go. Don’t be deceived by the “Big Lies,Propaganda,deceit,disinformation,distortions,all of the disingenuous marlarkey he and his propaganda ministry are gonna throw out.  You see already the enablement provided surrepticiously to groups like acorn,act up,occupy,seiu to consolidate this fallacious dictators power. Expect voter fraud,voter intimidation,orchestrated demonstrations,coercion and threats,dirty campaign ads,dirty tricks and every malicious strategy their depraved imaginations can invent to keep this clan of political lycanthropes in power. The solution is simple vote for Mitt Romney and replace the Democrap that has been lying to you, actively supporting the radical socialist agendas. “Fire Them” Period.  Do something good for yourselves and save your country and future or you can sit and watch it flush away into the blackhole.  



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